Peoples' Coffee Grinding Co. Ltd has been established 52 years ago, after a collective action taken by a group of professional coffee shop keepers. The aim underlying this action was to secure that the coffee as their first material was delivered in sufficient quantities, promptly and constantly. The equipment: a second hand manual roaster and a second- hand ground millstone. The staff: Three men and three women.

The growth of the Company since then was impressive. Today our coffee is distributed all over Cyprus through a well-established and organised distribution network. Modern technology and mechanisation was enforced resulting to production standards rising constantly. In this sense our clients have honoured us with their trust and loyalty for 52 years. This enabled us to expand to the production and imports of more than 600 items, all loved and preferred by the consumers of Cyprus. There are also a variety of tastes like instant coffee Cacicafe, the Espresso with its rich aroma, the pleasurable Filter coffee and Cappuccino that come to complete our coffee range. Furthermore the unique in taste Mr Chips (potato chips) and Mr Chips snacks offered in various tastes and packaging have gained the consumers preference. Then there is our big range of delicious soft and hard biscuits Bye Bye, a symbol of quality and taste. In addition the dry nuts Laikou produced by our company with their incomparable freshness, and also Bye Bye sweets come to complete the range of the Laikon products.

However after half of a century of success and creativity, Peoples' Coffee Grinding Ltd aims to "conquer" the future armed with the latest technology, and strategic planning for expansion to Middle East and other markets. With our dynamic human resources constantly introducing new ideas, where in the heart of each new plan lies the human element, our company is aiming towards a prosperous future, looking forward to entering the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

P.O. Box 21812, Nicosia-Cyprus Tel: 02-717100, Fax: 02-347976