Looking for freshness and health? The full of freshness vegetables packed especially for you by Freezeland, under the supervision of Peoples' Coffee Grinding Co. Ltd, the largest food industry in Cyprus, has arrived to introduce to you a new dimension in relation to your everyday nutritional needs.

Throughout the year Freezeland, is prepared to offer you healthy, nutritional, full of taste solutions to be added to your family everyday meals. Your assurance? The quarantee of Laikon that for 52 years has been serving you and your needs tireless seeing that the selection and handling of the finest material is served to your table. In this sense the collection of the potatoes and vegetable is seed to be at the right time of the growing cycle of the product as well as the immediate transport to our modern plant so as to capture all the freshness. .


The processing of the potatoes and vegetable towards deep and fast frosting is held under strict controls for quality and hygiene. By using this method we safeguard the nutritional values, vitamins and taste to remain intact all year round and avoid the addition of any preservatives. In short we offer you delicious, nutritious home made food, cooked in very little time avoiding any preparations beforehand and in all possible combinations you can imagine!

The products of "Evoiki Zimi A" under the brand name Zimarika Psachnon, can be found today at the shelves of many big supermarkets in Greece but also of other countries like Belgium, Switzerland, North America and Australia. Freezeland of Laikon is now in the position to offer them to you ! Right from the freezer to your oven and "Voila" in only a few minutes a delicious traditional Greek pie or sweet ready to eat!

Nireas, a Greek industry specialised in marine cultivation is now adjusting to the modern way of life the old and traditional seafood dishes of the Greek Cuisine. A proposal to add more fish that you need, into your daily dietary habits by accompanying your everyday dishes with Nireas goodies. Check out our big variety of tastes! Nireas will bring new, light and exciting dishes to you, to complement your family dinner or treat your friends

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