We hereby take the liberty of introducing our company as the main Coffee and Confectionery Industry in Cyprus.In our Company profile you will find all the information needed regarding our products and all our activities.

Our company is a public Company limited by shares and we are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Coffee, Confectionery Products, Snacks, Biscuits, High Boiled Sweets and Toffees, Pre-fried (Frozen) Potatoes, as well as, Plastic and Polyethylene flexible packaging materials.

Our distribution Team is second to none in Cyprus. It consists of 160 employees and 130 distribution vehicles. Our staff consist of Merchandisers, Salesmen, Brand Managers, Distributor Managers, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager. Our team visits all selling outlets , in Cyprus, at least once a week. Our distribution is carried out from our own stores/warehouses in all cities around Cyprus. Recently we have expanded our operations to include distribution of non-confectionery food, like canned products, dairy products and frozen vegetables and for this reason our various distribution networks include motor vans with freezers.

We always had great values as guidelines in the design development-production and distribution of our products. And now our ISO 9001-9002 certification (Reg. GR. 02.03.02/322) awarded from IQNet Certification body, offers you another measure of assurance that our processes and procedures meet a wide range of stringent international quality requirement. It is also important to note that we are one of the few Cypriot Companies, which have been awarded the ISO 9001-9002 certificate for our distribution system too.

Completing 52 years of success, we do not rest but we look forward to greater success in the future. Corresponding to the keen competition, which exists in the food industry, we are ready to diversify our range of products apart from Coffee and Confectionery to other foodstuff of wide consumption.