The necessary complement to every meal. Le Caravelle is a range of products for those who demand Taste and Pleasure out of food.

To make this possible for you we have applied the latest technology on the natural Mediterranean first material with no preservatives and with constant quality controls over the finished goods. Add to that the spicy tastes of the Italian Cuisine and the result can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. By applying precise planning and due to the wide consumption (high turnover) we have accomplished to maintain our stock levels fresh. The largest company in Europe in the production of mayonnaise and (vegetable) puree with 900 products, Le Caravelle adds more taste and pleasure to your salads, snacks and also your main meals. "Le Caravelle"

"Best Fish" tuna fish with unique taste made from the best fish from the natural seas of the seductive Far East right after fishing are processed and packaged by the use of the latest technology and according to the stricter specification in quality and hygiene. Enjoy the magnificent salads, spicy dishes or complement your meal with "Best Fish" tuna fish.

"Niers" snacks are superior in taste and quality. This is secured by the application of modern technology according to the stricter specification in terms of quality and hygiene. Niers is available in a great variety of tasteful dishes like chicken, pork or beef and constitutes a great complement to cold or hot dishes.

Bella Mia marmalades imported from Greece, stand out for their high quality and incomparable taste. The processing of fresh fruit under the stricter specifications of hygiene secure that their nutritional ingredients are kept intact like the moment of their production. "Bella Mia" is available in four flavours that satisfy even the most demanding tastes: Apricot, Cherry, Strawberry and Orange. .

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